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Define Fitness is about you. Helping you become your fittest and healthiest yet. All our programs are uniquely tailored and led by our expert team of personal trainers. We design workouts to suit your needs. Exercise that gets you results. We offer personal training sessions, partner sessions, bootcamps and corporate programs. Let’s get your body back, the real you back.”

  • Move – Get ready to move. It’s time. We kick start your body into a routine that you will love. Have fun. Start moving and taking action.
  • Feel – Breathe in the great outdoors. We take exercise outdoors, in the fresh air. Inspired by nature and all its’ glorious natural beauty. Your body will thank you for it. Get motivated and feel exhilarated.
  • Achieve – Results is what we deliver, what you experience. Victory and accomplishment. There is no better feeling. Let’s make it happen.

Nathan Hitchcock


Hi, I’m Nathan, Personal Trainer, Teacher and Founder of Define Fitness. My passion is to teach and train you to better health, fitness and well-being. I strive for results with all my clients so that you achieve a fit and healthy mind and body.

Exercise has always been a way of life for me. It’s in everything I do. I used to run to and from school in an aim to get fit and healthy but seriously; I was trying to avoid being swooped by magpies….. I have never looked back! When I exercise I get a natural rush of accomplishment. I am happy when I exercise. I feel wholesome. I have achieved something and I’m on the way to life long health and well-being. I believe that exercise should be fun and part of your everyday life.

But, I get it. Sometimes life just gets in the way. We get busy juggling work, family and kids and often exercising is just simply hard to fit in. Sometimes, you just don’t have the energy, willpower or motivation. This where Define Fitness helps. We are about you. We encourage, guide and motivate you. Show up and you’re half way there. Together we get results.  At Define Fitness we have a team of qualified and experienced trainers who are ready to get you in shape.

Qualifications Include:

Bachelor of Education, Certificate 3 4 in Personal Training, Certificate 4 in Training Assessment, Cross fit Level 1 Coach, Level 1 Strength Conditioning Coach, Level 2 Rugby League Coach and Punch fit Boxing Instructor.

  • Neale Donald Walsch – “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” 
  • Jeremy, Group Client1 “I could not be happier with Nathan and Define Fitness. Nathan makes working out easy and enjoyable (yes even burpees) and the results are showing with 15kg dropping off me. I would recommend Define Fitness to anyone young or old.” 

Ajay Joshi


Hi, I’m Ajay, I’m a BIG believer in achieving anything, whatever size, gender or age you are! I will be increasing your confidence and enhancing your mental capacity to help you to reach your goals, not only this, I want to show the world what you’re made of, how amazing you are! I love being creative and enjoy especially training endurance, high intensity interval training, Circuit training and team-based training.

I grew up in Sydney loving my sport and played club cricket and moved to Canberra when I was 17 in 2011 to study a design course at University of Canberra. This was the start of another stage of my journey. In 2011, started my first job as a casual employee at the AIS Shop, and still working there; this is where my confidence has been developed from, and nowadays I see what’s developing in the industry. Through out these years, I was lucky enough to live at the Australian Institute of Sport for 4 years. This has enhanced my knowledge in nutrition and of an elite athlete’s lifestyle.

2012, was the biggest year for me mentally, I was the driver of a rolled car trying to escape to the coast for the weekend with my mate on board. This was the worst I had ever felt in my life. Throughout the time I had been living in Canberra before the car crash, I had unhealthily gained 12 Kg  within 16 months, I had never walked foot into a gym or outdoor fitness session in my life and also didn’t play a sport throughout this time.  From here, I had a hard look in the mirror and made a goal. This was to play AFL for a local club in 2013, thus I finally stepped foot into a gym and group classes. I was at 82kg and hit 70Kg in 6 months, and thought of trying a new sport instead (hockey), which I successfully did and finally started playing club AFL in 2015 and still am.

The best step I had ever made in my life was to join a gym/ group fitness sessions and would love someone who has never stepped foot to do the same and experience the feeling what fitness goers are feeling and what it’s about.


Specialisations include: Bodyweight exercises, training people with a disability, circuit training, strength and conditioning, resistance training, functional exercise, weight loss, sports specific training, Boxing for fitness, TRX suspension training. Personal Trainer Canberra.

Qualifications Include: Certificate 3 & 4 in Personal Training, First Aid and CPR Certificate, Bachelor in Design (University Canberra)

  • (Gary Player) – “The harder you work, the luckier you get” 
  • Jack, Online Client – “I would wholeheartedly recommend the team at define fitness to anyone. I took part in the 10 week transformation challenge because I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been. Nathan and the team at define fitness created a great platform for me start my weight loss journey. ” 

Belinda Tilyard

Administration Manager

Hi there I’m Belinda Operations Manager at Define Fitness Canberra. I’ve always loved exercise especially when it came to Athletics and Cross Country. Throughout schooling I attend representative zone, state and regional carnivals. After schooling I joined a gym an fell in love with group classes. I tried many classes, from RPM, Step and Pump. Les Mills classes were what I enjoyed! In 2010 I left the gym to try out Muay Thai, I found Muay Thai to be fun and exciting, by June 2011 I achieved a level 4. In 2011 I fell pregnant with my son Riley he’s now 10. After having Riley I realised I didn’t want to return to my day to day job so I stepped down to pursue a career in health and fitness. By 2014 I had achieved Certificate 3,4 and Diploma of fitness.

My career has brought me to work. In 2014, I ran a mums and babies group class in Queanbeyan run by the council. In 2015, I joined the Fit and Well gym team at CIT Bruce. In 2016, I joined Define Fitness Canberra as a Personal Trainer. I then became Client Relationship manager in 2018. In 2020, I became Operations Manager and love my leadership role! I love to help clients Move, Feel and Achieve there goals. Understanding exercise isn’t all about the scales it’s about everything and I mean by everything I mean Physical and Mental health. I believe exercise should be fun and exciting not a chore. Qualifications Include 2013 Certificate III in Fitness 2014 Certificate IV in Fitness 2014 Certificate Diploma of Fitness WWVP card CPR First AID NDIS Training Boxing Maximum Impact Some things about me and the things I love and love doing: Spending time with friends, family and my kids, reading both non fictional and fictional books, walking mountains and bike riding, and date nights with my partner

Tim Hazell


Hi, I’m Tim, Personal trainer at Define Fitness. I am a young trainer with a passion for helping people of all ages achieve their goals.

I developed my interest for fitness through a strong involvement in a number of sports around the Canberra region including cricket and soccer. This is where I first learnt the need for fitness and exercise and also the enjoyment it can bring physically and mentally. My first exercise programs I was instructed to do was from these sporting teams and that was where it all began for me. While I have always had the luxury of keeping fit through playing sport, I also have discovered that further exercise doesn’t do any harm and quite often can leave you feeling refreshed.

I firmly believe exercise is as much about physical strength as it is mental strength and I feel as much enjoyment from seeing physical progress as I do seeing the client in a happy state of mind.

Tegan Crome


Hello, I’m Tegan. I’m here to help you with your health and fitness goals and ensure you enjoy yourself on your journey. I grew up on the South Coast of NSW, after completing school I moved to the UK for 2 years as an Outdoor activity instructor before moving to the ACT in 2012 to study at University. I have been in Canberra ever since. I have always led a healthy lifestyle and have been involved in various sporting activities including basketball, surf lifesaving, Gridiron and Rugby League to name a few. I’ve followed my passion for health and fitness completing a double degree in Bachelor Sports Coaching and Exercise Science and Bachelor Human Nutrition. I am a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer, and currently studying 200 hour Yoga teacher training.

I have always worked in the Health and Fitness industry, leaving my previous role as Gym Manager of 6 years, I came on board with Define Fitness in November 2021. I love all things training, from strength and conditioning to flexibility as well as mental fitness, helping people create healthy habits for holistic wellbeing. Qualifications: – Bachelor Sports Coaching and Exercises Science – Bachelor Human Nutrition – Physical Activity Australia Registration Exercise Instructor – Gym Instructor; Exercise Trainer – Personal Trainer – Fighting Fit For Life Level 3 Boxing – FIA Fitnation Pre and Post Natal Training – Level 1 Kettlebell – First Aid – CPR – WWVP The human side of being a coach: -Favourite movie: The Goonies – Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognaise – Favourite exercise – Manmakers – Favourite activity – Coastal adventures and playing with my Dog Ruben

Ethan Garbutt


G’Day I’m Ethan! I’ve been into fitness since I was a little kid running around playgrounds and having the time of my life and have kept that same energy and enjoyment as a personal trainer to this day. I started off as a cross country runner but then also got into Crossfit and since then have also started stand up paddle boarding and basketball. I have had the opportunity to experience many different types of exercise and gym environments so I can understand that each person has their own personal approach to exercise and wants to train in different ways. Because of this I like to be a flexible trainer and adapt to your needs as a client. I believe fitness shouldn’t just be about achieving your goals but also having fun while doing so, because that makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone!

I like to be energetic and encouraging towards everyone and while fun is a big factor we are always focused on helping you achieve your goals and be able to make new ones to help you grow even more. My passion is being able to help people grow through making sessions that work for them and encouraging them to push through to get where they want and seeing the look of accomplishment on someone’s face when they do reach that goal no matter how big or small. I specialize in barbell lifting, strength and conditioning, long distance running, stand up paddle boarding and kettlebell training. Qualifications: – Fitness cert lll/lV – Technical lifting with the science of strength certificate – Move Strong Kettlebell training – Level 1 SUP instructor – First Aid certificate – Level 1 steel mace mastery – CPR Certificate Human side of being a coach: – Favourite movie: Star Wars the clone wars – Favourite food: Pie just any type of pie – Favourite exercise: The box jump – Favourite activity: Playing basketball with my friends

Dylan Smith


Hey, I’m Dylan, From the age of 5 I started my fitness journey with Taekwondo. I kept training for over 10 years after that and found my love for exercise which I continued to pursue by setting up my own home gym. After I left high school I wanted to expand my knowledge of fitness so I decided to study to become a personal trainer which led me down this path. As a Taekwondo athlete, I have competed at national level representing South Australia and being ranked in the top three for my age group as a teenager in Australia. My love of mobility and movement patterns allows me to focus on my clients becoming nimble and embracing movement just like me. My goal is to help everyone find their love for fitness so they can maintain as fit and healthy as possible.

I have my clients becoming the best version of themselves by improving their range of motion and generally embracing the Define Fitness systems and lifestyle of moving, feeling and achieving. Specialisations include: Strength training, mobility and flexibility, training people with a disability, circuit training, bodyweight exercises, resistance training, sports specific training, weight loss, wellness and cardiovascular fitness. Qualifications Include: Cert 3 & 4 in Personal Training, First aid and CPR certificate.

Bailey Robertson


Coming Soon

Bianca Guatama

Yoga Teacher

Hi, my name is Bianca I began my yoga journey back in My 20’s and fell in love with the nature of balance from this practice. It offers both physical and mental trainings. With my ever growing love for yoga practice, I found imbalances in my body from my exploration of my yoga practice. I went to the health professional and found that I had scoliosis. With this new founding, I go deeper to study anatomy and I began to explore how to support my yoga practice to heal my imbalances. This practical beginning, turns into a lifelong journey for me, as I uncovered yoga’s transformative power to heal and cultivate a healthy harmony of mind and body. Then I started teaching yoga 8 years ago.

Throughout my learning exploration, I studied with many inspirational teachers from different lineage of yoga: Hatha (with Yudhi) Iyengar (with yoga Mandir), Vinyasa (with Yoga Trinity/ Heather Agnew), Power Yoga (with Power living and Justine), Ashtangga (with Jordan and Kat Sadler) and Bikram (with BYC). I honour and respect each lineage and teachers individually. They taught and influence my teaching. I combined each element of its lineage to be offered in class in a more practical approach. My yoga class infuse with passion of dynamic and explorative yoga practice that nurtures self-inquiry into mental and physical awareness. Qualifications: – 285 Hrs Vinyasa Teacher Training – 16 Hrs Advance TT (Adjusting, Assisting & Partner Yoga) – 50 Hrs Advance Vinyasa & Anatomy – 50 Hrs Yin Yoga & Mindfullness TT – 37 Hrs Teaching Meditation & Mindfullness – 50 Hrs Integrating Yin & Yang TT – 27 Hrs Yoga for kids & Family TT – 3 Hrs Accessible Yoga Workshop – 9 Hrs Zenki Yoga The human side of being a yoga instructor: – Favourite movie – Science fiction and Romantic comedy – Favourite food – Japanese food – Favourite exercise – Bridge pose – Favourite activity – Beach time and be with my family

Clare Small

Yoga Teacher

Coming soon!

Cherry Lynn Mayola

Administration Assistant

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