About Us

Pathway to success

At Define Fitness Canberra, we have a passionate and well connected community that focus on the most positive relationships with each other. We are a team that is collectively focused on achieving above and beyond when it comes to our clients health and well-being. We work towards a pecific Vision that is dictated by our Mission and 5 Defining Values.

Define Fitness


We have the following Vision for our community

“An inclusive and mindfully active community”

Define Fitness


Our Mission is a complex two step process

1.0 – Provide a unique coaching experience to our community using personalised health & fitness experiences.

1.1 – Develop and foster a sense of community through positive relationships within the Define Fitness Family.

Define Fitness


We value the following at Define Fitness, as a team and community

Define Fitness


We have a large focus on connection with our “Define Fitness Family.” This is where we train people to be the best versions of themselves.

Define Fitness


We make it personal at Define Fitness Canberra. All our services are personalised and we focus on YOU!

Define Fitness


We aim to grow and maintain the most positive relationships at Define Fitness Canberra. These relationships are essential to the Define Fitness Family.

Define Fitness


Fitness needs to be fun and when you have fun you will develop great frienships along the way. We focus on making things fun filled at Define Fitness Canberra.

Define Fitness


Our systems are unique and follow the most relevant and up-to-date scientific research, applicable to human anatomy and physiology. We know what we are doing and maintain being professional in our programming and planning.