Workout Partner–Important Traits of a Great Workout Partner

As far as exercise goes, you should never underestimate the importance of having an effective workout partner in your corner. A workout partner could potentially be one of the best accessories to have at your disposal when you’re trying to get in shape, proving they’re up to the task at hand. Training with a workout partner can help keep you accountable, it can ensure that you push yourself hard while training, it will make your workouts more enjoyable, and it will make your workouts more productive. This however, all depends on whether or not your workout partner is indeed up to the task at hand. If you’re on the hunt for a new training partner, here’s a look at several important traits associated with a great workout partner.

Reliable – First and foremost, if you’re serious about your workouts and you want to recruit a workout partner to help you take your training to the next level, you need to find somebody that’s reliable. We all have things come up in life that prevent us from training every now and then, and we all have the occasional off-day when we just can’t be bothered to train. If however, your potential workout partner has a reputation for constantly being late, and/or for letting people down at the last minute, it’s best to keep looking. There’s nothing worse than waiting around at the gym for a training buddy that’s always late, which may result in you having to cut your workout short, or make a start without them. When you find a training partner, you want somebody that you know will be on time, and who is going to show up and not let you down at the last minute.

Like minded – Another important trait to look out for when it comes to potential workout partners is for them to be like minded. You want them to have the same interests as you when it comes to training, as that will ensure that they’re as enthusiastic about the workouts as you are, and that they are looking to achieve the same results as you are. What’s more, you can then plan your workouts accordingly so that you both enjoy the session, which in turn will help motivate you both.

Similar fitness levels to yourselfWhen training with a workout buddy it’s also important to ensure that they are of a similar fitness ability to yourself. If they are much fitter and stronger than you are for example, they will either push you harder than you should be pushed, or they’ll end up leaving you behind as they continue to progress. The same principle applies to you as well. While you don’t need to be at identical levels of fitness, it is important that you are both similar to one another to ensure that you both benefit from the workouts you’re carrying out with one another.