Weight Loss Hacks–Proven Hacks to Burn Fat

Losing weight can feel like the equivalent of running barefoot, uphill, through 6 inches of thick mud at times. Sure, you make slow and steady progress, but it can take a long time to see results and at times you’ll hate every single minute of what you’re doing. Unless you are very fortunate and/or disciplined, there will be a good chance that you’ll have struggled with your weight at some point in time, which is why we’re looking at proven weight loss hacks to burn fat today. Everybody losing weight needs help and encouragement from time to time, and some need it more so than others. If you’ve tried seemingly everything to lose weight but find yourself hitting a plateau this article could be ideal. Here are some weight loss hacks proven to work.

Meal Prep – If you want to lose weight studies have found that pre prepping your meals in advance could prove very beneficial. When you’re dieting and trying to lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit. Now, like it or not, but being in a caloric deficit does mean that you will be hungry. When you’re hungry you will crave unhealthy foods, and that’s never a good thing. To help you overcome hunger and avoid cravings, prep your healthy meals in advance. That way, once prepared, as soon as you become hungry you can heat up a meal and eat it there and then. Once you’ve eaten the hunger will subside, and you’ll find it easier to stick to your diet.

Reward yourself – Another very effective weight loss hack is to reward yourself when you meet your weight loss targets. Set yourself a weekly goal, of say, 2 pounds perhaps, and if you reach your goal, reward yourself with a treat meal. A reward gives you something to work towards to keep you motivated, plus it ensures that you don’t cheat on your diet during the week. Don’t go crazy, but a treat meal once per week after hitting your targets will certainly not do you any harm.

Don’t eat when rushing – This next weight loss hack is easier said than done, but ideally when you eat you should never do so when you’re rushing. If for example, you eat your lunch while sat at your desk, trying to work at the same time you won’t enjoy your meal, it will be less-satisfying and you’ll likely crave something else when you become less busy later on in the day. When you eat your meals, eat them slowly and take your time so that you enjoy them. Plus, eating slower will help to fill you up quicker.

Never go shopping hungry – If you want to lose weight, before you do a food shop you need to make sure that you never ever go shopping while hungry. Going shopping while hungry is a recipe for disaster as the supermarkets are crammed full of unhealthy produce that can be eaten on the go, that will do your diet no good at all. Before going shopping, or ordering an online food shop, make sure you’ve eaten and that you aren’t hungry in the slightest.