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At Define Fitness we analyse how people behave in and around Canberra. We have been observing the behaviour of the parent body at the Woden Valley Soccer Club and have come up with the following proposal in relation to personal health, well-being and exercise.

  • Project Name: “Train While They Train”
  • What: Group Outdoor Personal Training, instead of sitting in the car.
  • When: When your child trains for the Woden Valley Soccer Club.
  • Where: Where your child trains.
  • Why: Why not? Seriously, what is better….. Sitting in the car or exercising?… What a great way to model positive health choices!
  • Who: The parents and committee of Woden Valley Soccer Club.

Overarching Goals

  • To improve the health and well-being of the parents at Woden Valley Soccer Club, with a flow on effect to the children registered at the club.
  • To model, for children, positive health choices.
  • To form a lasting and positive partnership between Define Fitness and Woden Valley Soccer Club.

benefit / description

  • To continue to grow football in the Woden Valley. Through free advertising space offered on Define Fitness’ website.
  • Respect, Teamwork, Fun, Integrity, Excellence, Accountability and Community are the values of a football club. An affiliation with Define Fitness shows all children registered with Woden Valley Soccer Club that:

1. They must respect their health and fitness

2. Working in a team extends off the football pitch

3. Exercise can be fun and enjoyable

4. They must be honest with themselves regarding exercise and positive health choices

5. We all need to exercise and are held accountable if we choose not to exercise

6. There are health and fitness professionals in the community that specialise in exercise instruction.

  • Positively influencing health choices in individuals and addressing childhood obesity. “Train While They Train” definitely models positive health choices.
  • Expertise around the club. If you need advice or a training program, come and see Nathan and the staff at Define Fitness.


Our children often imitate us on a daily basis. Health choices are ingrained in us from a young age. Exercise habits are addictive and poor exercise and diet choices are easy. All of these issues are addressed through modelling positive behaviour. Modelling healthy choices, exercise habits and balanced diets are all taken care of when you join the “Train While They Train” program. So, what do you think? Are you going to join?

If you are interested, please send us an email at our contact us page: