The Importance of Community at Define Fitness

There are a number of important things to consider when choosing a fitness provider in Canberra. In particular the importance of community is huge. A fitness community must be a group of people that share common attitudes, interests, and goals. Our community is strong and is what we call our “Define Fitness Family.”

For those that are already working out with us at Define Fitness, it is important to stay in touch with what is going on with any programs or events. This can be accomplished through our Facebook Page and importantly or PRIVATE Facebook Group – Define Fitness Canberra This is where we keep all our family (clients) informed about special events or new programs that are being offered. There is also heaps of encouragement and great information for all family members to download and apply with the assistance of their trusted Define Fitness Trainer. This in turn will essentially encourage all family members to continue using Define Fitness as their preferred fitness company, working with the trainers and others that frequent that classes and sessions.

Many of the classes and programs that are offered by us are based on the group ethic and sense of community. When people choose to take a class, they are showing an interest in the not only the class format but the business philosophy of outdoor exercise! This engagement with Define Fitness gives the individuals a sense of belonging to the group and encourages them to continue pursuing our program.
Our Group Class environment also encourages individuals to push past obstacles that may stop them if they were on their own. This is a condition that is also seen when individuals work with a trainer. The group mentality and the shared experience that comes along with this community atmosphere allows family members to feel like they are a part of something greater and that they can achieve whatever goals they have set out for themselves. Come and hit up a session with us for FREE

For you as a Define Fitness Family member to flourish, you must be a part of the greater community. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, from being involved in fun days, charity events or fundraisers or sponsoring local clubs that support health and fitness at a grassroots level. Define Fitness is a great place to socialize, make new friends, and strengthen the bonds that exist between people in the community. Because of this, encouraging those that are hesitant about groups to have a look or check out a free class is appreciated. The essentially exposes these prospective family members to the inner community of Define Fitness. Once you have experienced this sense of group, you are more likely to get your hands dirty and sweat beads together!

The Define Fitness family is growing fast. We are super proud of all the members and hope to keep evolving along with you all. Yes, we are a business but we believe that we are much more than that! We are your COMMUNITY and it just so happens that we workout together in the great outdoors.

#definefitnessfamily forever!

Nathan Hitchcock

Founder / Director

Define Fitness