The Echo Bike/Assault Bike

How to Get Better at Using It

Ever notice how we tend to have a love/hate relationship with some pieces of kit in the gym? The treadmill, for example, is arguably the most boring, tedious piece of cardio equipment ever invented, yet we use it because it is such an effective piece of kit.

Rowing machines and elliptical trainers are in the same sort of category. We don’t really enjoy using them, but we love the fact that they help us to burn fat and improve our health. There’s one piece of kit, though, that strikes fear into the heart of even the most seasoned of gymgoer, and that piece of kit is the Rogue Echo Bike, or assault bikes in general for that matter.

Whether using Rogue’s Echo Bike, or any other assault bike currently available for that matter, one thing all users of this piece of kit can agree upon, is the fact that it is absolutely brutal. A firm favorite of cardio bunnies, CrossFitters, and those who are simply gluttons for punishment, the Echo bike/assault bike is a piece of kit that is notoriously difficult to use.

To help you crush your next cardio workout, here are several Echo/assault bike tips.

Pace Yourself

This should go without saying, but one of the most important things you should do when you use an assault bike/Echo bike, is pace yourself.

When you first climb on and start pedaling and pumping your arms, it can be tempting to ramp up the speed and intensity in an effort to cover more distance, burn more calories, and finish the workout sooner. All you’re doing if you do that, however, is setting yourself up for failure.

By starting off too fast and too intensely, you’ll quickly run out of steam and will tire yourself out, making the rest of your workout much tougher. Instead, begin with a steady pace and try to maintain it throughout your workout.

The exact RPM you use will depend on your fitness, goals, and abilities, but try to maintain a pace of moderate intensity throughout.

Ensure Your Seat is the Correct Height

Another simple tip for using the Rogue Echo Bike, or an assault bike in general, is to ensure your seat is set at the correct height.

Too many people have the seat at the wrong height, and they wonder why they tire out so quickly, and why their hips hurt.

Set the seat so that your knees form roughly a 20-degree bend at the lowest point of each pedal stroke. This allows you to generate more force, plus it’s better for your joints.

Don’t Flare Your Arms and Legs

When you use an assault bike, another useful thing to remember is never to flare your arms and legs.

People often bow their elbows and knees out to the side when using the bike, mainly for comfort, but this is hindering your progress. Flaring your arms and legs places more stress on your joints, plus it means that you aren’t working your target muscles most effectively.

Lean Forwards Slightly

Finally, the last assault bike tip that we have for you today is to lean forwards ever so slightly.

By leaning forwards slightly, you can generate more force. The key to remember is to lean forwards slightly, you don’t want to mimic Superman flying through the air, just hunch forward enough so as to generate a little bit more force with your legs and arms.