Welcome Sigma Bravo Employees!

Sigma Bravo understands that to remain focused and highly motivated, employees must remain fit and healthy. As part of Sigma Bravo’s commitment to you and your health, you now have access to the Sigma Bravo corporate fitness program and rates.

Employees that join the corporate program will enjoy:

  • Improved health, well-being and job satisfaction
  • Stronger team building and employee relationships
  • Enhanced sense of community and corporate culture

As you can see, corporate health and fitness programs just make good business sense!

In fact, Sigma Bravo thinks that it’s such a good idea, they are offering each employee $200 towards their Define Fitness training costs! For questions regarding claims, contact Anneka at ADeaton@sigmabravo.com

So, Why Define Fitness?

Define Fitness is Canberra’s no. 1 for outdoor and group fitness because:

– We get results
– We are interested in your whole health
– When you join Define Fitness, you become part of our family and we become committed to  you and your health and well-being goals.

But, what really sets us apart from other health and fitness programs is the fact that we focus on exercise in the outdoors and with groups. Spending time outdoors has proven health benefits (you don’t have to take our word for it, just ask Harvard), and training in a group provides camaraderie, increases motivation and accountability. Together this means you get more benefits from outdoor, group training with Define Fitness than with other fitness programs. Not to mention, we’re more fun!

Your Define Fitness Seminar Resources

Please download and then utalise the resources below. You can print them at anytime and then consult with us via email and we will do our best to help!

  1. Setting Realistic Targets – SMART GOALS
  2. Define Online Training Program
  3. Top 5 Nutrition Tips to Accelerate Your Results
  4. Define Fitness Smoothies 101
  5. Define Fitness Get Healthy and Lose Weight Cook Book
  6. Define Fitness – Personal Training Packages Flyer
  7. FREE 7 Day Bootcamp / Group Classes Pass
  8. FREE 7 Day Flex & Stretch Yoga Pass

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Pricing & Packages - Sigma Bravo

Sigma Bravo employees can choose from the products below. As an added bonus, your family members also have access to these products and we encourage you to bring your children along to join in the sessions with you!

Define Fitness Smoothie Guide

  • Define Fitness Smoothie Guide
  • Define Fitness Cookbook
  • Access to Define Fitness online communities

Are You Now Ready To Go?

Purchase your preferred package through clicking on the products you fancy, or contact us via www.definefitness.com.au/contact-us for more information.