Define Fitness’ Top 5 Healthy Eating Cafes

By Nathan Hitchcock


  • This little gem is terrific. From healthy smoothies to their trusted and known fit meals, there is an abundance of fuel that will compliment your nutritional plans. These guys are not only in our top 5 for their clean eating principles but they are about something so dear to Define Fitness, “creating a healthy community!” This is why we are partnered with Rachel and the team and encourage you all to get your ever shrinking rear ends into this joint! While you are there, order the spicy chicken fit meal, sweet potato mash with a dash of pesto and a vegie fritter. You can’t go wrong for taste and cleanliness.

Two Before Ten

  • This is a new flavour, excuse the pun, of Canberra’s growing café scene. They have made it to our list because of their awesome and tasty “Bear Breakfasts.” Clare and I like to visit the odd café on the weekend for a cheat meal and we were pleasantly surprised when served with the “Big Bear” breakfast. The meal was outstanding, compromising of tasty free range boiled eggs, rocket, avocado, rye muffin and I also added a side of….. you guessed it, bacon. Topped off with a perfectly brewed coffee, I can assure you that the experience is worth the visit. Get there ASAP!

Local Press

  • This little beauty is all about local foods, cooked well that are preservative and garbage free. Simply put, you will enjoy this place because of the atmosphere and the fact that it is down by the Kingston Foreshore where you can kick it with all the hipsters of Canberra, talk about your new beards and the bicycles you recycled from The Green Shed! I love this place because they pay particular attention to detail. I noticed this when my meal was served with slithered almonds and some pumpkin seeds, a lovely way to top of my breakfast and obtain the essential fats needed to fuel me for my day. Make a move to Local Press soon!

Red Brick Café

  • Another secret of the Woden Valley, Red Brick serves small meals that are packed with goodness and flavour. The meal to aim for is the Persian baked eggs with fetta and other flavours that will have your tastebuds dong the tango. The quirkiness of this place is celebrated when you sit on milk crates while sipping your long black or flat white. Yep, you sit on milk crates…. This alone attracts the hipster community. We love our hipsters at Define Fitness! If you feel up for it one weekend, we are happy to climb Mt Taylor and then cool down by jogging the 6km to Red Brick for a feed and a brew.

Bookplate Café

  • Are you surprised? Well, we have included this place in our top 5 as it has agreed to serve our Smoothies 101 Recipes! We kicked a goal there didn’t we! Tracey and her team have taken over the new lease of the Bookplate Café and are keen to make a difference in the parliamentary triangle. This means that all you pen pushers can get yourself a healthy “Define Fitness Authorised Smoothie.” No excuses to go for the pastry or cheeky option now when working hard for Mr Abbott and his mates. On a serious note, get to the Bookplate and try our smoothies. They are a great way to knock back a few calories and recharge yourself by taking 15mins away from the office.