The Importance of Using a MyZone Device

If you’re looking to take your training up a level, and really push yourself when training, Define Fitness, Canberra could be the perfect solution.

Offering personal training, partner training, group fitness classes, and a relaxed and motivating atmosphere while you train, it’s no wonder why Define Fitness, Canberra is one of Australia’s most popular fitness-orientated businesses.

What Happens in Our Brain when We Exercise?

We all know that exercise and physical activity in general, are fantastic when it comes to improving our physical health. Exercise not only assists with the loss of excess body fat, it also helps to reduce blood pressure, strengthen the heart, improve lung capacity, balance your hormones, and much more besides.

How to Use the Concept 2 Rower with Correct Form

Walk into any gym, anywhere in the world, make your way over to the cardio section, and you’ll almost certainly find that they have rowing machines, or a rowing machine at least.

Rowing machines are incredibly popular, and hugely beneficial pieces of cardio equipment that offer users a wide range of benefits. 99% of the time, the rowing machine that you’ll find in commercial gyms and CrossFit boxes all over the globe, is a Concept 2.

The Fear of Getting Started

They say that the hardest step of any journey is the first one, and when it comes to fitness and exercise, that saying rings truer than ever.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to drop those last few stubborn pounds you’ve been holding since the Holidays three years ago, to improve your fitness levels slightly, or to transform your body and get bigger and jacked beyond belief, the hardest part of any new regime is getting started.