Australia’s Obesity Epidemic

Obesity seems to be a worldwide epidemic and the numbers in Australia are really not encouraging, as the image to our left indicates. The health hazards of being obese cannot be overemphasized and this makes it even important for people to take care of themselves to avoid obesity altogether. In Australia it is forecast that by 2025 nearly 72% of our population will be overweight or obese.

Statistics from the Heart Foundation shows an increase in the incidence of obesity in Australia between 1995 and 2012. A quarter of all persons in Australia are reported to be obese. This is a whole four million of the Australian population. Breaking down the numbers shows that 28% percent of male adults are obese and a similar number for feminine folk. The figures show a 47% increase in the number of total obese people in Australia between 1995 and 2012.

It is even more striking as only 55.7% of Australians are trying to lose weight and 30% of Australians admit to being obese, with one-third of the obese people feeling any concern about their weight.

The above statistics point to the fact that obesity is an epidemic in Australia that needs to be addressed at the grass roots of education with utmost seriousness, as fast as possible. This is to avoid the many health and social hazards associated with the bulge.

There are several reasons that could lead to a person being obese but as many as these causing factors may be, taking adequate steps to avoid obesity would go a long way to reduce the number of obese people in Australia.

The key to beating the bulge is staying fit and healthy, being active and eating a balanced diet, free from sugar, processed foods (including carbs) and minimizing alcohol consumption. .

Engaging in physical activity is essential. Walking, running, cycling, and such other seemingly easy activities would help in pre-habilitating any battle of the bulge. Since obesity is largely attributed to living a sedentary and unhealthy life, eating and living healthy is important to reducing the incidence of obesity.

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