A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Fitness Routine

As you probably know, starting a healthy living regime and getting yourself fitter and healthier is far from easy. On paper, it’s easy to talk about, but in reality putting it into practice is much harder. Getting fit and healthy requires a huge amount of dedication, hard work, and determination. The hardest part for many, though, is actually making a start. If you’re new to the world of fitness, it can be daunting at first which is why we’ve compiled this handy guide for you today. Below you’ll find everything there is to know about starting a fitness routine. Personal Training Canberra

Choosing a gym

First up, you need to decide on where you plan on exercising. Most of you will no doubt decide to train at a gym. But which gym should you go for? Here are some tips on choosing a gym:

  • Price – One of the first things you need to consider is the price. Give yourself a budget and start looking for gyms within your price range.
  • Atmosphere – The atmosphere of the gym you plan on training at is hugely important. You want to find a gym that has a warm, welcoming, and positive atmosphere that appeals to you. No matter how fancy the equipment is, if the atmosphere is wrong, you won’t see the benefits.
  • Equipment – Another consideration is the equipment on offer. What sort of exercises do you plan on doing, and what sort of equipment do you need? If you plan on lifting weights, you’ll want plenty of weights and resistance kit. If cardio is your thing, you’ll want plenty of cardio machines.

Starting a fitness routine

Now that you have a gym in mind, you can now start looking into ways of starting a fitness routine. Key tips include:

  • Check your own health – The first thing you should do before starting any new fitness and exercise regime is to check your own health. Book in with your local doctor and have a full physical. They’ll check all of the essentials and will be able to offer helpful advice along the way.
  • Find exercise you enjoy – Getting fit may be a complex process, but it can be achieved in a whole variety of different ways. The key to getting fit is staying power. If you hate doing cardio on a treadmill, don’t try to force yourself into doing it. Instead, find a different form of cardio you enjoy. If you enjoy circuit training for example, look into circuit training classes. Group Fitness Classes Canberra
  • Set goals – In order for you to commit to a fitness regime, you need to have goals and something to aim for. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds, improve your stamina, lose 4 inches off your waist, or anything else, having a goal in mind will give you something to aim for.
  • Do your research – Before you begin any new fitness and/or exercise regime, one of the first things you should do is take the time to do your research. Read up on how to stretch and warm up, look at how to perform certain exercises, look at different workout routines to follow, and just try to learn as much as you can.