8 Easy Steps To Beat The Christmas Belly

As the festive season is upon us I have compiled “8 Great Belly Busting Ideas” for you to implement over the Christmas period. Keep in mind that you still want to enjoy Christmas and the indulgence that comes with it. Applying the good old saying “everything in moderation” is possibly the key to you maintaining your current physique VS you ending up with a Christmas belly.

  1. We understand that you may be extremely busy running around buying Christmas gifts and preparing the Christmas lunch for the family. So, I suggest the following, When you need those gifts/ingredients from the supermarket don’t drive your car there. Ride your bike or walk there. Don’t forget to bring a backpack so that you can put all of your gifts/ingredients in it. The extra weight on the return journey will have you pushing yourself harder than you did on the first leg of your shopping trip.
  2. Perform squats when and wherever you can. I suggested this to one of our clients recently and she was perplexed. I explained to her that while she is preparing her dinner, waiting for something to boil on the stove or cook in the microwave she should squat with correct technique for the period that the product takes to cook. You may look a little silly squatting in the kitchen but the extra calories you burn will definitely assist with you maintaining the physique you desire.
  3. Make a habit of going on a nightly walk/run. Plan your journey and make sure that you walk/run past as many houses that have Christmas lights. This can be a great way to engage the children in the Christmas light buzz! Map out the houses that have Christmas lights within your area and drive to one suburb per night. Park the car a distance away from the Christmas lights and walk/run to the selected houses on your map. If you are pushing a pram or a running stroller add some extra weight to this with everybody’s drink bottles. The extra weight will have you pushing hard and burning calories.
  4. Eat for one and not for two. Portion sizes are an issue across Australia when it comes to serving up your food. It’s as simple as this: Instead of using large dinner plates, serve your Christmas lunch up with a smaller plate. This will limit how much food you can add to your plate, preventing you from having eyes to big for your tummy.If you have a sudden urge to return for a second serving, wait 15 minutes. It takes some time for your brain to register that your tummy is full up.
  5. Drink water. This is such a simple suggestion but one that is very important. Every chemical reaction in the human body requires water to work effectively. Being dehydrated makes you feel sluggish and often tired. Drinking a sufficient amount of water will not only hydrate you it will it also improve your mood therefore, you will hopefully enjoy yourself more thoroughly during the Christmas period.
  6. Have your Personal Trainer write you a fitness advent calendar. A countdown until Christmas but with a new workout out everyday. This will have you maintaining the physique you desire and not growing a Christmas belly. To make it interesting and fun involve your children and friends. Post pictures and comments on our Facebook page so we can be involved in your countdown to Christmas.www.facebook.com/definitionfitness03
  7. Pair up with a family member or friend that has a similar physique goal to you. Ask them to be a second set of eyes when eating food. Have a secret code word that means “Are you sure you want to put that in your mouth?” This friendly reminder will not only help you realise what you are doing but having a second person to assist you can motivate you to do right by them too. Obviously this suggestion is not for everybody so only take it on if you feel comfortable doing so.
  8. Enjoy yourself. This suggestion is important because over the Christmas period you must enjoy yourself. Do what pleases you but be aware if it is good for your health and your goals. Don’t shy away from a beer or a wine. Just don’t drink the whole bottle or case. Eat chocolate. Don’t eat the whole box of chocolates. Indulgence can be a positive thing but in moderation.

We hope you enjoyed our “8 Easy Steps To Beat The Christmas Belly.” If you have any questions regarding this article please contact us at nathan@definefitness.com.au

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