5 Motivators to make your New Year’s Resolution a Reality

Over the Christmas and New Year period we often see people making health and fitness related goals and new year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, some people do not see these through and end up having to start over. At Define Fitness, we want you to maintain motivation and achieve your goals. We want you to see the results that you desire. After all, you deserve it if you apply yourself holistically with dedication and hard work. With this in mind, we have written some creative ideas for you to maintain motivation and reach your goals – “5 Motivators to make your New Year’s Resolution a Reality.”

  1. Create a vision board. Go and purchase a blank canvas and get creative. Print pictures that increase your motivation. Images that remind you of why you are making a positive change. If you are becoming fit and healthy for a targeted reason, print pictures of that too. Glue all of these images onto your canvas and hang the canvas in a place where you will regularly see it. In addition, take a photo of your canvas with your smart phone and set it as your screen saver or wallpaper. This way you will have a mobile version of your vision board with you all the time, in your pocket.
  2. Record how you feel. Use a diary when you begin and record your new feelings. Use these questions to help you. Always begin with asking yourself the important question, why are you doing this? Then in no specific order. How do you feel: After you exercise? If you do not exercise? After you eat some junk food? After you eat some fresh produce? Discuss these feelings with your Personal Trainer as they will have more information regarding them.
  3. Talk to yourself. Everybody has the willpower to become healthier. Tell yourself that you can! Literally, that you will achieve your goals. If you slip up and find yourself off course, don’t beat yourself up, simply get back on the right track and don’t stress about it. Remember, that you are human and will make mistakes along your health and fitness journey. Simply, learn from your mistakes.
  4. Inquire about health and fitness. Become inquisitive about the science of the body. Build your knowledge regarding health and fitness, nutrition, and anything relevant to assist you in achieving your goals. Often, sharing this information you have discovered is a positive motivator for you. Sharing a healthy lunch recipe or a healthy desert is a suggestion for you to give back and make yourself feel happy and motivated.
  5. Remember why you have goals. Why are you reading this article? What was your original plan? Can you remember your New Year’s resolution? Your goals will evolve, this is bound to happen. You will achieve your goals. Celebrate them and make sure that you are excited about these milestones. Achieving your goals does not stop there. Set new goals and work on improving you!

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Nathan Hitchcock