4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

Working out and staying fit and healthy is one of the most enjoyable things in the world when you’re motivated and enjoying what you’re doing. If however, your motivation levels are at rock bottom and you just can’t seem to get your head in the game, getting fit and healthy is a different story completely. We all have the occasional day when we can’t find the motivation or energy to exercise, but if you’re going through a prolonged spell of having zero motivation, your workouts will suffer, and your progress will stall. To help you find your mojo again, here are 4 ways to stay motivated to workout.

Set yourself realistic goals

We all work out for different reasons. Some of us work out to build muscle, while others work out to burn fat. Some do it for health reasons, and some do it for fun. Whatever your reasons for working out may be, it’s important that you set yourself some realistic goals to stay on track. If you want to lose weight, don’t just try and lose as much each week as you can, instead, set a realistic target of something like 2 pounds. Having a goal gives you something to aim for and therefore helps keep your head in the game. To really ensure you stay on track you can even write down your goals so that you know they’re always there in writing.

Visualise your success

Sticking with the weight loss theme, it’s easy to lose motivation and to become disheartened when your weight loss stalls. If you hit a plateau and find that the weight loss has slowed right down, or has stopped completely, you may find yourself asking ‘what’s the point in carrying on’. If you ever feel like this, you should take a few moments to visualise your success. Imagine yourself with your new slimmer body and imagine how great you will feel. Think of how confident you’ll be and how nice it will be to wear new clothes and show off your leaner physique. This will serve as a wonderful motivation technique and you’ll soon be back eating right and working out harder than ever.

Listen to your favourite music

When it comes to workout motivation, music is one of the most effective motivational tools to have at your disposal. To really get yourself in the zone before and during a workout, throw on your headphones, crank up the volume, and listen to your favourite playlist. The music will get the adrenalin flowing and the blood pumping and you’ll wind up having one of the most productive workouts that you’ve had in ages.

Follow a workout schedule

Finally, on days when you can’t really find the motivation to go to work, do you just stay home and not turn up? No, you go in to work because you know that you have to. As far as your workouts go, you should apply this same principle. Compile a workout schedule and follow it religiously. If your schedule says that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are training days then you know that those are the days you are working out. When you make exercise a habit it becomes much easier to stay motivated because you know that skipping a workout is not an option.