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July 21st – September 30th, 2014

Are you tired of all the health clubs and gyms that tell you exactly what you want to hear to get you to join, but once you’re a member they forget about you and don’t teach you anything about how to get results? Are you frustrated by all the gimmicks, pills, powders, shakes, and gadgets sold on late night TV that are nothing more than empty promises and slick marketing? If so, this AMAZING offer is perfect for you.



ONLY $49


  • A 10 week Exercise Program of Fat Burning Workouts. This is in the form of an electronic program that you receive as a .pdf file. This Exercise Program has been carefully compiled by our expert master trainers.
  • A 10 week Nutritional Program of Fat Burning Meal Plans designed to ensure that you reach your goals as quickly as possible. You will also receive this in the form of an electronic .pdf file. This Nutritional Program has been written by our team of master trainers and then carefully examined by our nutritional experts.
  • You will also receive our awesome and very useful Smoothie 101 Book!
  • Professional support from our team of expert Personal Trainers.
  • Access to a Private Group on Facebook. Here you will be able to check in with us regarding your progress and queries.
  • Motivation bombs to your Facebook page and Email inbox with inspiration to keep you on track.

Why take up a Define Fitness challenge?

All of our challenges have been carefully compiled by our team of trainers and guarantee that they are a great way to exercise and importantly kick start your new fitness regime. All challenges are easily accessed via your email and are accompanied by loads of resources to assist you along your health and fitness journey.

How do I join a Define Fitness challenge?

So, you see the button below? The one that says….. BUY NOW ? Press it and join our Transform & Re-Define Online. Once you purchase, you will receive the details and resources you require to seriously transform your body and lifestyle! Listed below is the start date of our program and what it is titled! Go on, join our new revolution!

Challenge 3 – Transform & Re-Define Online Program, July 21st – September 30th, 2014


Only $49


Transform and Re-Define Online Program Conditions/Rules

  • Participants can be current members or new members, from anywhere around Australia.
  • It is a requirement that when you register and complete the program / contest you take a before image of your body and send the image to . Define Fitness will use these images in judging the overall winners.
  • Participants will be added to our email list
  • The winner of the Transform & Re-Define Online Program is the participant who loses the most weight as a percentage of their starting body weight, measured at the first weigh-in. If a participant does not lose weight but transforms their body shape, Define Fitness reserves the right to make a professional judgement regarding their transformation and claims to win the contest.
  • The winners of the Transform & Re-Define Online Program will win an IPAD Mini and donated prizes by our affiliate business partners.
  • The beginning weigh-in and measurement must take place between July 21st – July 25th, 2014. The final weigh-in must be completed between September 30th – October 3rd, 2014.
  • All participants must complete the information and liability forms.
  • All participants are recommended to complete four (4) workouts per week in a combination of strength training, cardiovascular, and bootcamp training programs for maximum results.
  • Weigh-ins will take place without shoes.
  • All weigh-ins must take place at a Define Fitness Training Sessions or at a Define Fitness authorised business and be completed by a Staff Member or authorised business operator.
  • A minimum of ten (10) contestants must take part for the contest to take place. If ten (10) contestants do not register, a full refund will be given to each person.
  • There is a limit of 150 Define Fitness sourced participants. There is no limit on participants from other companies running the promotion as a coupon deal.
  • No refunds are given after the registration fee is paid, with the exception of not meeting minimum participant requirements.
  • The Grand Prize remains the same even if participants exceed the minimum (10).