A treat for the teachers!

Dear Fellow Educator,

I think being a teacher, like being a parent, is perhaps one of the most thankless jobs out there. Would you agree? Teachers and administrative team members at our schools are the ones who ultimately educate our future! Looking back I sure am thankful for some of the teachers and staff that helped me through my youth. There were some really great people!

Mr Lawson, Mrs Brown, Mr Dodd, Mrs Fearon – The list is endless. Decades later I can still remember them. My teachers made such a positive impact on me that I decided to become a teacher myself. Yep, 11 years on I have worked in all educational sectors in the ACT. I love teaching and would like to show my appreciation to my fellow colleagues by putting together a special package for you all, a package that focuses on YOU! Myself and my staff want to show our appreciation by getting YOU back, the real YOU back!

With Spring here and the school year getting away from us it got me thinking about how much time us teachers have made for ourselves this year. I’m guessing your answer is not enough, but that’s about to change…….. let’s talk about you and this Spring!


My name is Nathan Hitchcock,

and for the last 11 years I’ve been helping people get in the best shape of their lives.  My wife Clare (a teacher too) and I own Define Fitness Canberra,  an outdoor fitness company that gets you to MOVE – FEEL and – ACHIEVE in “classroom style” group training sessions. Some call them “bootcamps.”

Our “bootcamps” are not military style, they are for ALL FITNESS LEVELS, and teach participants how to become fit and healthy; something that can be really tough for teachers due to the amount of overtime you do.

Each Spring we like to invite teachers to come and workout with us at a very special, very low rate. It’s our way of saying, “THANK YOU!” to all the great teachers out there and to YOU for all the kids you’re helping with their futures. This year our focus is on the teachers and administrative staff working in your area because we’ve just moved our base location to Illesso Studio in Aranda!

So, here’s the deal – our regular membership is $69 month, which is an extremely fair price considering all the things that come with the classes.  However, for a lot of teachers that can be a big hit on the budget. After all, teachers are underpaid, I know because I am one! Rather than get on a rant about how teachers are under appreciated and underpaid, let me get to the SPECIAL OFFER I’m making to show my appreciation for what you do. I’ve created a VERY SPECIAL PACKAGE JUST FOR YOU………

Teacher Appreciation Program

With this program you’ll get 3 months access to our popular bootcamp program for $169; This would normally cost a minimum of $69 per month. Better yet, if you join with another teacher you can make 1 x payment of $299! Included in this package you will get our Smoothie 101 Guide (value $22), Belly Busting Finisher Workouts (value $49) and access to our private support group on Facebook.


*All our transactions will appear on your credit card or bank account as “Ezidebit Healthfit” and be completed through our client management software, Mindbody.

Teacher Appreciation Single



Unlimited 3 x Months

Savings: $38


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Teacher Appreciation Single - $169.00

Teacher Appreciation Partner



Unlimited 3 x Months

Savings: $58

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Teacher Appreciation Partner - $299.00

Available Training Times: 

You are lucky here! You get unlimited access to every session we run including Flex & Stretch and Mums & Bubs. To see the times and locations of the sessions download a timetable below:

What Define Fitness Clients Have to Say About Us...

Ann Ronning

Personal Training / Tough Enough Client

I love Define Fitness and I’m achieving more than I imagined. I started with Define Fitness in February 2014 and at my first assessment I could only manage a few pushups and situps. I had had a difficult pregnancy and after more than year, I was still struggling with lifting and carrying my growing toddler. I was working out at home to DVD’s and had started running a couple of times a week, but I wasn’t making any progress in terms of body tone and gaining physical strength. I could tell I needed more support and training than a DVD could give me.

I found Define Fitness from searching online and testimonies on Facebook. I have a personal training session twice week with Seb, a brilliant PT who is a great mix of supportive encouragement, informative, and challenging. Over the months, I’ve gone from struggling to lift my daughter into her cot to now I work out with 8 to 16 kilo kettlebells. Personal training helps you learn the right techniques to give you definite results and it fits in with my busy life as a full time mum and full time employee.

I have had sessions will all the staff at Define Fitness and found them all supportive, fun and very good at keeping you motivated during and after the session. You don’t feel like a client, you feel like a friend at Define Fitness. The variety of the training keeps you curious at what is next and you feel like you can’t miss out on a session because you don’t want to miss what happens.

My focus is on functional strength not necessarily weight loss. I’ve lost 7 kilos since February and I’ve gone from a size 14 to a 10 and sometimes 8.  And I am not not done yet. I am still working towards my goal of a six pack and 100 pushups.

Jeremy Miller

Corporate/Group Client

Define Fitness In 1 word EASY, but not easy in the sense they take it easy on you, Easy in the sense of…  Easy to get motivated to turn up to training week in week out, easy in the sense to talk to about anything Training, Personal, Diet, Raiders, and easy in the sense of payment either through the website or in person.

I have been training with Define Fitness for about 18 months and still enjoy turning up every week and getting pushed much harder than I would push myself, during this time I have lost about 17kg’s and my hate of Burpees has changed to a acceptance of them.

Felicity Miller

Personal Training Client

The thought of sending a full body selfie 12 months ago would’ve made me nervous. Today however, as I was getting dressed to go out and enjoy this amazing weather, I caught a glimpse of myself as I was getting ready and thought “wow”. My husband must have thought the same thing because I got a wolf whistle from down the hallway…

Thanks Nath and the team at Define Fitness for instilling confidence in me and helping me reach my goal – not to have a amazing body (although that’s a nice side effect) but to be comfortable in my own skin and be healthy enough to run around after our beautiful little girl.

Jack Doyle

Transform & Re-Define Online Client

I would wholeheartedly recommend the team at Define Fitness. I took part in the 10 week transformation challenge because I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been. Nathan and the team created a great platform for me start my weight loss journey.

The meal plan was full of variety and provided options I would never have thought of myself. I knew the exercise part of things would be hard for me as I typically lose interest very quickly, however the plan provided kept me enthusiastic and I was able to stick to it throughout the 10 weeks.

The great part of the 10 week challenge was the level of service offered by the team. They were always readily available to answer any questions all contestants might have had and they even provided alternatives to best suit my needs. I believe when you go into a challenge like this or attempt to “transform your body”, you really need a team like Define Fitness to; encourage, support, motivate and provide great knowledge……and that’s exactly what I received from Define Fitness

Keep Fit

Keep Fit

Please take action right away so you don’t miss out!

Nathan Hitchcock

Define Fitness – Founder / Director


After you register, please share this link with any other dedicated educators you know who would like to get a great deal on a great fitness program. Just make sure you get your spot secured first…