website photography

Keepsake Photography are a corporate client of Define Fitness and have been so for 1 year now. There expertise has been utilised to enhance our website photographs and marketing material.

As you can see, Daniel Keeffe is a terrific Photographer and his product is plastered all over our website! Daniel is also a Bootcamp client at Define Fitness. Both Daniel and his Fiancée Maria attend several sessions a week in preparation for their upcoming wedding. Here is some information below about our Bootcamp / Group Classes.

Bootcamp Canberra – Our Bootcamps are the best in Canberra! They for the client who wants to achieve some weight loss, transform, feel better and more fit. At Define Fitness there is no ‘typical’ Bootcamp session. Each Personal Trainer is required to mix things up and vary their sessions to stop both your mind and body getting bored. Our Bootcamp Canberra systems are designed as a whole body workout that will improve your stamina, fitness, and strength in a fun and interesting ways. We guarantee that some of the exercises we do will push you to your limits, essentially ensuring you achieve your goals in the long run.

Bootcamp Canberra sessions start with a warm up followed by at least 45 minutes of individual, pairs and team exercises, we end with a cool down and stretch. Our Personal Trainers and clients are a friendly group and are always keen to welcome a new people on board. We make sure that each individual works to their potential, their own level of fitness within the group.

Your Bootcamp Canberra Package Includes:

  • Attendance to as many Bootcamp Canberra sessions every month. You choose your session type and location.
  • Weekly resources straight to your inbox with tips, strategies and motivation to keep you focused on your training.
  • Nutrition advice, in collaboration with our nutrition experts, to maintain your strength and support your fitness journey for the duration of the program.
  • Motivation, support and guidance from our expert trainers every step of the way.