Bootcamp belt System

At Define Fitness we are all about you! We want you to achieve your goals and feel great along the way. We also know that to achieve your goals it is essential to set short, medium and long term targets. This particularly has inspired us to create our “Bootcamp Belt System,” a system that rewards you as an individual when working through your fitness and exercise regime. Simply, the best way to understand our “DF Belt System” is to know we are rewarding you for being motivated, participating and being part of the #definefitnessfamily

To progress from belt to belt you need to attend a specific amount of sessions per belt. It is that simple. The belts are not measuring your fitness level or how fast you can pump out 100 burpees. Basically, we want you to attend as many sessions as possible and you will earn a new belt as you attend more and more.

To explain this in a visual manner we have prepared the following images to display the growth process. The longer you practise Bootcamp at Define Fitness, the more you’ll see yourself changing and growing, just as a plant does.