Benchmark exercises

At Define Fitness, we aim to push our clients to reach their potential. We motivate and encourage them to do better. When our clients achieve a goal, we celebrate their achievement. Because of this, we now have our very own prescribed, tried and tested pre and post testing workouts. We call these our benchmark workouts.

Whether you enjoy running, weightlifting, body weight exercises or maybe a new challenge like gymnastics or metabolic conditioning, then we have something for you. All our benchmark workouts are different and focus on setting a benchmark for you to try and better down the track. Included in the benchmark workouts are some of our defining movements and a focus on the different components of fitness.

We have devised these 7 benchmark workouts, both men and women. The idea to record the performance of members is practiced to motivate them to new levels of performance, following the idea, “Athletes alike will die for points.” With a focus on community and bettering your own score, we have found that clients engage in these workouts. We have a healthy competition but a focus on YOU bettering YOURSELF and YOUR own scores.