Success stories from current and former clients of Define Fitness. Clients who have achieved their health and fitness goals. Fitness focused clients! #definefitnessfamily


The group classes that I have been attending have been fantastic, they have completely changed the way I approach excercise. The trainers are exceptional in walking you through each activity with your safety and wellbeing in mind.

Ben Buckler

“I have had sessions will all the staff at Define Fitness. They are supportive, fun and very good at keeping you motivated. You don’t feel like a client, you feel like a friend at Define Fitness.”

Ann Ronning
Personal Training Client / Define Fitness

“Define Fitness is a friendly and positive place to exercise. All the trainers are caring and force you to challenge yourself at the same time! I really look forward to the sessions.”

Yoshi Hashinaka
Personal Training Client / Define Fitness

“I absolutely love these guys not just because this is the only program I have been able to stick to and keep fit doing but because I just love catching up with them.”

Jay Basilisco
Group Fitness Client / Define Fitness

“Attention to every goal and detail is the norm with Define Fitness. Makes working out an enjoyable experience and meet lots of new friends in the #definefitnessfamily.”

Tom McCue
Group Fitness Client / Define Fitness

“These guys are terrific. They care about the whole person and not just flogging you. I have been able to get my body back. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Clare Mary
Mums & Bubs Client / Define Fitness

“Truly an amazing family feeling is experienced at every single session. The Define Fitness staff really look after the ‘whole’ you, not just fitness.”

David Newman
Personal Training Client / Define Fitness

“Define Fitness in 1 word EASY, but not easy in the sense they take it easy on you, but easy to get motivated to turn up to training week in week out.”

Jeremy Miller
Corporate Group Client / Define Fitness

“If you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, the team at Define Fitness will help you find the balance you need to achieve your goals.”

Felicity Miller
Partner Training Client / Define Fitness

“I love the group sessions. I would recommend that you sign up with Define Fitness if you want a knowledgeable, well-rounded approach to health and fitness.”

Siddhi Blackley
Group Fitness Client / Define Fitness

Great, down to earth instructors, who have built a supportive, positive dynamic into the group classes at Aranda.

Nicole Coombe