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Enter your details below and enjoy 14 days of FREE Group Classes on US! This is designed so that you can test out all the classes we offer and make an informed decision about signing up! Of course, we would love to have you as a member and encourage you to reach out to your instructors at the sessions or to email us with questions you may have.

This pass includes access to the following classes:free

  • DF Bootcamp
  • Flex & Stretch
  • Beginner Bootcamp
  • Uppercut Boxing
  • Mums & Bubs

Note: *Voucher valid for new members/customers only *Your Free 14 Day Pass begins upon commencement of your first session *Your Free 14 Day Pass must be used within 1 week of sourcing it *Not refundable/transferable

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Flexibility is for everyone, whatever your age, body composition or fitness level. Flex & Stretch

at Define Fitness is the answer for you especially if you are looking for: a stronger and healthier back, a flatter tummy, a more toned mobile and flexible body, better posture, fitness and general well-being,  rehabilitation from injury, or balancing and strengthening the mind and the body.


Flex & Stretch offers a combination of educated and informed instructors teaching flexibility in a fun and exciting way. Our awesome Flex & Stretch classes will run x 2 a week and be undertaken in the great outdoors! Each session will no doubt make you feel better within yourself, be a great way to stay fit and healthy and essentially palm off the injuries you experience with physical activity, age and general wear and tear.

Note: Please bring your own yoga mat along to these sessions. If you do not own a yoga mat, please contact us and we can point you to one of our partners to purchase one.